Golden State Plan Service


The Golden State Plan Service Network is a collaborative effort between 22 full service contractors associations and builders exchanges across California.

Our business model is formed around a non centralized data center.  Each location is responsible for discovering projects in their designated counties.  Each builders exchange is focused on building up their region, searching for projects from private builders, public works projects, tenant improvements, new single and multi-family housing and all phases of the construction industry.

We have found, over time, that this gives the local builders a local voice and face and are far more receptive to using our services to publish projects for bid, and use our network to find new sub contractors and suppliers.

Our operation also limits duplicate projects, as the location of the project determines which plan room manages the documents.

Each plan room has different levels of staffing and technology available.  Some plan rooms will have powerful fiber optics capacity to upload a large volume of projects, another plan room may have, due to physical location, limited internet capacity.  Each plan room is able to bring their strengths to the network.  If one plan room isn’t set up to upload volume, they support the network by confirming bidders lists, bid results and verify project status.  The overlapping ability of the individual locations also makes it virtually impossible for the system to be down.  If one location is having a network issue or is working on an exceptionally large and complicated project, the neighboring locations pick up the slack.  Imagine a single location trying to manage data for several locations and a truck hits a power pole and their power goes out.  The whole system is stopped.

The GSPS network has the efficiency of spreading the work across 22 companies to saturate every corner of California, and the overlapping support to insure that the system stays up, and strong, and current.

Our data center itself is hosted on the largest and most stable site available.  Our tech support and the code writer for the Online Plan Room is in California. No outsourcing out of state or out of country.

Check out these videos on how our Online Plan Room system works.   Then, contact the plan room in your area and join this powerful network.